About us

  • Class Bambus is a a registered mark belonging to Smartrade International, direct importer of the bamboo flooring offering to its clients highest quality bamboo flooring.
  • Class Bambus is the first brand on the romanian market dedicated exclusively to bamboo flooring. Class Bambus is primerly dedicated to promoting this unique material through its characteristics of strength, renewability and beauty.
  • We are commited to offering our clients products that can influence in a better way their leaving habitat and the environment at the same time. Bamboo is a material that allows a sustainable exploitation in a better way that any other species does.
  • By way of seriousness, promptness and sustained by the quality of our products we manage to grow our happy clients circle day by day, which is our main objective. Our clients are in fact our main allies and the reason for which we grow better each day.
  • As importers we directly negotiate with the producers and we pay maximum attention to the quality of the products provided by them.
  • The company distributes bamboo flooring at national level.
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