Frequently asked questions

Will it cup or delaminate?

  • Vertical or three-ply horizontal bamboo flooring will not delaminate under normal conditions.

  • Bamboo is very stable and will not cup as long as:
    * There is not an excessive amount of moisture.
    * You have provided for 1/4 inch (6 mm) expansion around the perimeter of the room.
    * The correct glue, 100% urethane adhesive, or felt paper is used.

Should you ever use wax?

  • Wax is generally used only in commercial installations to protect the floor against unusually heavy traffic. Waxing requires a constant maintenance program, which is a common practice in commercial situations, but is not favored by homeowners. A maintenance program for recoating your floor with a floor urethane can be obtained from your flooring installer.

Where can you install bamboo wood flooring?

  • Bamboo wood flooring can be installed in almost any room, above or below the ground, over wood, OSB (Oriented Strand Board), and existing vinyl flooring.

  • Bamboo wood flooring does not dent, scratch or wear as quickly and easily as many varieties of hardwood flooring. As a floor, it can become a part of any place that receives maximum public foot traffic like corridors and living rooms in homes. Bamboo wood flooring also serves in offices, schools, studios, hotel lobbies, auditoriums, conference halls and restaurants.

Where bamboo wood flooring should not be installed?

  • Bamboo wood is naturally moisture resistant to some extent due to its tropical nature. Also, part of its manufacturing process includes lamination which increases it's resistance to moisture. There are several locations that are not recommended for bamboo flooring.

  • Bamboo wood flooring is not suitable in areas prone to excessive wetness such as bathrooms, washrooms, saunas, enclosed porches or verandas, or anywhere that may require wet-mopping or be exposed to other forms of wetness. Extended exposure to moisture can cause a bamboo wood flooring to warp, bend or swell.

Can bamboo flooring be installed over radiant heat?

  • Yes, bamboo flooring can be installed over radiant heat and there are some steps required for this purpose. For details on this type of installation you can ask us for more information.

What kind of maintenance is necessary?

  • Maintenance is simple: Vacuum or damp mop as needed to remove loose dirt or grit before it can scratch the surface. For hard to remove spots, use ammonia and water or a citrus based solvent, or a urethane floor cleaner.

  • Preventive maintenance goes a long way in assuring a long lasting beautiful floor.


  • Use dirt trapping "walk off" floor mats. Place them inside and/or outside the entry doors. This is your first line of defense, as they will prevent sand, small pebbles and grit from entering your house.

  • Make sure that you use felt pads on the feet of all chair legs not equipped with a minimum of 1 1/2" wide plastic barrel type caster wheels.

  • Make sure that high heels are in good repair. A 100 pounds woman in worn down high heels exerts more PSI pressure than an elephant and will surely dent the floor!